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Brief Description

Using the latest augmented reality software, place a Cascade Horizon on any blue Coast Spas logo with a white background. Fill with water, turn on lights, waterfalls and even rotate and change acrylic and skirt colors. >>more

Scan logo below with "Virtual Coast Spas" app to activate 3D Model

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What You'll Need...

1. Apple iPad or iPhone

To use our new Virtual Coast Spas (Augmented Reality) Application, you'll need to ensure that you have the latest software revision installed on your device. At this time the Virtual Coast Spas application is not available on Android - only for iPhone & iPad.

2. The Virtual Coast Spas App

The VCS Virtual Coast Spas is available for free on the Apple App Store. You can search "Coast Spas" in the App Store, or click here to go directly to the application profile page.

3. AR Target

When you open the "Virtual Coast Spas" app that you have downloaded and installed on your iDevice from the Apple App Store, you will be prompted to Scan the Coast Spas Logo to continue. Once scanned, the blue Coast Spas Logo activates the 3D Cascade Infinity Edge model which takes the place of the logo on your screen. You can then rotate the model, place it on different surfaces, fill it with water, activate jets/waterfalls and lights. The size of the logo determines the size of the model that appears on the screen (larger logo = larger model).

Note: The blue Coast Spas Logo must appear on a white background in order to be recognized by the camera.

Download and print one of the targets below or click here to use your computer screen to activate the model

8.5" x 11" - Standard Letter Size (PDF) Download
8.5" x 14" - "Legal" Paper Size (PDF) Download
11" x 17" - "Tabloid" Size (PDF) Download
27 Page Letter-Sized Target - Displays Full Size Virtual Model (requires assembly) (PDF) Download
77" x 36" Banner - Displays Full Size Virtual Model (PDF) Download