Health & Wellness

Benefits That Better Your Life

Spa Health Benefits

Owning a Coast Spas hot tub or swim spa has major health benefits. The impact of hot water hydrotherapy is a proven, effective method of naturally healing the body and mind. For centuries different cultures have embraced the wellness benefits of water and now it is available to you at anytime and and right in your own backyard.

Welcome Home Wellness with a Coast Spa.

Arthritis Relief

Many doctors strongly recommend hydrotherapy as part of a comprehensive treatment for chronic arthritis pain. Just 10 to 15 minutes per day in water temperatures between 36 and 40'C (98F to 104F) can significantly improve your body's coordination and flexibility.

Improves Sleep

Adults aged 18 to 65+ are supposed to sleep 7 to 9 hours a day. A relaxing daily spa session can help you get the greatest benefits from the sleep you need which is vital for optimal health and a strong immune system.

Removes Toxins from the Body

Immersing yourself in a spa is an effective way to sweat out the impurities from your pores. At the same time, the water in the spa washes away the sweat produced helping you wash away toxins absorbed during the day.

Reduces Stress

The heat from a hot tub stimulates blood circulation and calms the nervous system. It also lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels, the stress hormone, which in turn physically aids the body to relax.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Soaking in a spa can help increase your heart rate and lower blood pressure. Having your body underwater makes your heart work harder helping it stay in shape. Hot water can cause body temperature to rise which cause blood vessels to dilate, resulting in improved circulation.

Helps Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Being in a spa reduces peak blood sugar levels by hot water encouraging the release of heat shock proteins, which could help lower blood sugar levels by helping control insulin controlled glucose uptake.

Reduce Headaches

It’s still not clear what causes tension headaches, but it’s believed they’re caused by muscle contractions in the neck and head. The heat of a hot tub can release the tension of these muscles and ease your headache.

Increase Fitness Level

Coast Spas’ line of Wellness Series offers the soaker a cardiovascular challenge with its swim spa lines. Exercise bands and an immersible stationary bicycle are also available for resistance training to improve muscle tone.

Enhance Relationships

Whether it’s taking the time at the end of the day with your children to catch up with everyone’s hectic day or relaxing with friends, a hot tub creates a stillness in time where conversation and bonding is brought to the forefront in an age of constant distraction and isolation.

Helps Prostate Health

Sitting in a hot tub for 20 minutes at a time, three times a day, has been recommended to help reduce prostate swelling and promote healing by relaxing the pelvic muscles.

Extend Personal Independence

Unlike exercising on land, which forces your muscles and joints to fight against gravity, exercising in the near-weightlessness of a spa requires minimal energy and strength. Continued exercise helps play a big part in extending your personal independence in your later years.

Ease Muscle Pains

Hot tubs have a relaxing effect on tight joints and muscles after a strenuous workout. Blood circulation is improved acting as a catalyst to help the pain.

Reach Your Wellness Goals

Whether you want to get in shape, stay in shape, or maintain your mobility Coast Spas’ Swim Spas provide the features and benefits you need to enhance your lifestyle. Get a full body hydrotherapy massage, exercise with row bars and resistance bands or swim endlessly against powerful river jets.

Starting Living Again… Outdoors

Purchasing a Coast Spa is more than a monetary investment. It’s putting your hard-earned dollars toward enjoying life at home on your terms. So close your eyes and let your mind draw a vivid picture of the Coast Spa lifestyle that’s perfect for you.

Do you crave an intimate retreat, a comforting shelter where you can escape the noise, the stress and the crowds? Maybe you prefer a warm and welcoming space for making memories and celebrating milestones with family? Or perhaps you desire a brilliant party palace where the fun never ends for you and your friends?

All these are possible from the same Coast Spa. It has the special and unique ability to bring people together without your needing to venture beyond the safety and security of your home. Whether it’s an individual finding harmonic ease, a couple sharing intimate relaxation, a family splashing together new memories, or acquaintances building stronger bonds of friendship, your spa may separate you from the world outside, but never from your inner peace of mind or from others you care about.

Regardless of which dream is yours, each possibility is real and awaits you just outside your backdoor.

Landscaping and Backyard Design

A spa adds value to your life, and a well-designed setting around your spa can add significant value to your home. You’ll have many things to consider.

Start from the inside out. Think not only about how your new spa will look here or there, think about what you will look at when you are using in it. A great view from your hot tub or swim spa, whether it’s natural or one of your own making, will only add to the pleasure it gives.

Evaluate your surroundings. While your Coast Spa will be a highlight of your yard, you should want to weave it into its fabric. Blending your spa into the environment by taking advantage of rock outcroppings, plantings or even elevation changes helps complement the look and experience. Additional screening, natural or structural, can create a cozier atmosphere, maybe even providing some shade from brilliant sunshine or a neighbor’s eyes.

Think about how much space you’ll need around your spa for entertaining, exercising or simply stretching out with a good book. Whether it’s a gorgeously inlaid patio or a soft, grassy landing is up to you. Remember to pave the way for yourself and (if you desire) your acquaintances to enjoy spa life. Clearly defined access via a beautiful bluestone walk, a richly stained deck or a few well-placed decorative pavers will make getting there half the fun.

Backyard trends

Styles and accessories fall in and out of fashion for backyards just as they do for clothing. We recommend you opt for design elements that will endure the fickleness of popular tastes … or can be installed -- and later replaced -- inexpensively and with ease.

Making your indoor space seamlessly transition into your outdoor space is one movement that’s here to stay. Weather-resistant furniture, pillows, carpeting and electronics have greatly improved in durability and look, making it easy to expand your home’s livable square footage. Fire pits, gazebos and pergolas extend the season for outdoor living while dining and cooking area provide options for creating and indulging.

Landscape design has shifted away from manicured fairways and fussy flora toward choices that are less demanding of your time, money and energy. Lower maintenance gardens, often blending herbs and ornamentals, and drought-tolerant plants are and will remain popular so people can spend more time enjoying their yards than mowing them. Planters, big or small, offer great flexibility and value.

Finally, don’t forgot about lighting. Whether it’s to dazzle your visitors or just to help them find their way around, LED lighting comes in many colors and styles to achieve the effect you want with energy savings to boot.

Water features

Ancient cultures recognized water as an essential element of good health, one that restores harmony to the body and mind. In modern times, scientific studies find nature sounds – especially the babbling of a brook or the rhythmic roar of the ocean – create a meditative atmosphere that puts us at ease by swapping some of our “fight or flight” instincts for what is known as the “rest and digest” response. No wonder so many of our vacations are planned around oceans, lakes or rivers.

You’ll find Coast Spas soothing in this way, maybe even more than you may have expected. We offer multiple features -- such as our exclusive Infinity Edge, our 24-inch-wide Fusion waterfall, streaming laminar water rope jets and innovative Coast Connect fountain table attachment – that provide a visually pleasing aesthetic and a relaxing soundtrack.

Cleverly incorporating additional water features into your backyard oasis can compliment your hot tub or swim spa. Whether you prefer a landscape that’s jungle lush, garden quaint or artfully engaging, using water the right way can truly set the tone.