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Hydrocylonic Filtration

Coast Spas filtration system uses a commercial-grade, pressurized system that incorporates hydro cyclonic action to remove all contaminants and debris from the spa water. Most hot tubs use skimmer filtration which sits inside the spa and lets debris float back into the water. Coast Spas Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System® sits outside the bathing area in a pressurized canister so there’s no risk of your water being re-conatimied when changing the filter. Lab tests show that Coast’s filtration system is 20% more effective and 83% faster than skim filtration. Public spas are required by law to use a closed, pressurized filtration system so you shouldn’t settle for anything less. Having a good filtration system ensures that you can enjoy your spa knowing that you, your family and friends are relaxing in crystal clear, clean and safe water.

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Aquasole™ Jet

Most hot tubs provide hydrotherapy massages but not a superior foot massage. Coast Spas Exclusive AquaSole™ Jets are large foot massaging jets that sit on the floor of many Coast Spa models. They provide a gentle and rhythmic massage from the top of your toes, through the arch of your foot and to the bottoms of your heels. By simply pressing your feet lightly against the jet you’ll start to feel a swirling water action that helps to treat your tired and sore feet.

Self Cleaning Sweeper Jet

It’s inevitable that dirt and debris will find its way into your hot tub. It can be brought in by your feet, blown in by the wind or fall from the trees above. Debris can collect on the floor of your spa but with the Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet you don’t have to worry about it. During the filtration cycle the Sweeper Jet is activated and blasts the collected dirt and debris off the floor to where it can be drawn into the filtration system. Having a clean hot tub at all times will allow you to have a more relaxing spa experience.


Powered Evacuation System (Patent Pending). Draining your hot tub can be a time consuming task that requires you to access the equipment area to dig out your drain-line, connect a drain hose and then wait for gravity to slowly drain all the spa water. With Coast Spas WaterVac™ system, draining and refreshing the water in your hot tub is fast and simple. Simply open up your Coast Cubby, access the optional shrink hose and turn on the water evacuation pump. It will be able to drain most hot tubs in about an hour. (Included- 12V marine-grade pump rated to move 800 gallons of water per hour.).

Infinity Edge

Coast Spas has the world’s only portable Infinity Edge Hot Tubs and Swim Spas. This exclusive feature provides the best view with one edge removed from the spa so there is no barrier obstructing your view. You can take in all the beauty of your environment with an Infinity Edge Hot Tub or swim endlessly towards a gorgeous view in an Infinity Edge Swim Spa. No matter how many people are in the spa the water level never changes and reamines perfect because there is zero water displacement. The Infinity Edge also acts as a large skimmer removing all surface debris from the water so your spa is always free from debris. Other spas have an area dedicated to housing the skimmer and filter but Coast’s Infinity Edge Spas gives you more room for seating and your guests. Bring home paradise with an Infinity Edge Hot Tub or Swim Spa.

Infinity Collection

Coast Cubby

Exclusive to Coast Spas the Coast Cubby is a dry storage compartment that can be added onto your hot tub or swim spa. The cubby is fully integrated into the spa cabinet and is made from durable marine-grade materials. Your Coast Cubby has an integrated interior light and circulated the warm ambient air generated from your spa equipment. It provides the perfect place to store chemicals, electronics and more. Large lift-and-turn handles provide fast and easy access even if your hands are soaking wet.

Fusion 24" Waterfall

Coast Spas exclusive adjustable 24” Waterfall is the largest hot tub waterfall in the world. Not only is it beautifully lit and visually stunning it also provides a feeling of pure relaxation and complete tranquility. Being fully adjustable allows everyone in the family to enjoy it from kids to adults. This exclusive feature provides superior neck and shoulder hydrotherapy. Warm water cascades over your shoulder to relax and soothe sore muscles. This feature comes standard on all Curve and Cascade Spas.


Waterline Lighting


Vibrant led light gems installed around the perimeter of the spa just under the waterline. Includes 3" entry/exit light. Select from a spectrum of colors using your spa controls.

Standard on Classic Series Spas

Traditional Collection Curve Collection

Waterline Plus Lighting


Vibrant light gems around the waterline synced with 3" entry/exit light with lit spa controls & water features. Select from a spectrum of colors using your spa controls or smartphone app.

Standard on Elite Series Spas

Traditional Collection Curve Collection

Waterline MAX Lighting


Vibrant light gems around the waterline synced with large 7" frosted light dome, lit spa controls, water features and air/water controls. Customize your color selection using your spa controls or smartphone app.

Standard on Luxury Series Spas

Curve Collection



Everything is lit! Waterline, spa, all spa controls and waterline. With the Chromazone lighting package you display two colors on different spa 'zones' at one time. The very best lighting package available.

Standard on Infinity Collection

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Your nose has special powers. Our aromatherapy system unlocks its benefits and pleasures.

Scents hold a unique passkey to our brain. Unlike what we see, hear or touch, what we smell has almost immediate and direct access into its centers for emotion, learning and memory. Aromatherapy unleashes this power to holistically promote health and overall well-being.

Coast Spas’ Aromatherapy - Fragrance Injection System lets you choose add a scent to match your need: relaxation, pain management or a burst of energy. A simple push of a button releases a bouquet designed to further enhances your spa experience.

Ultimate Zen

Life can be stressful. Unwind by adding soothing aromas to your spa experience.

Add premium Lavender and Rosemary specialty spa scents to your spa.

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O3One Ultrazo3ne System

Ozone (O3) attaches to contaminants in your water and breaks them down. Ozone helps your sanitizers in the water be more effective in keeping your spa water clean and clear. Coast Spas O3One Ultrazo3ne system delivers an abundance of O3 to rapidly breakdown particles at the time of contact.

CCT (Crystal Clear Tube)

The CCT is an ozone expansion chamber and requires an ozone system to function. The CCT increases the area the O3 has to find and breakdown particles before exiting the spa. The CCT is installed in your spas equipment area and significantly increases ozone performance.

EcoClean UV with Ozone System

The ultimate purification system. Ultraviolet light paired with a powerful ozone system is highly effective at breaking down any unwanted contaminants. Paired with our commercial-grade Hydro Cyclonic filtration system and CCT - your spa will have the highest level of water purfication available.

Wifi Controls

Remote Spa Control
Connect your spa to your home wifi network and control your spa from anywhere using the Coast Spas - Remote Spa Control App on the Google Play and Apple App Store. Activate lights, jets, change filration cycles and set the water temperature with just your smart device.

Take control of your spa from anywhere, get live updates and alerts to spa status changes right on your phone, tablet or PC/MAC. ControlMySpa has an extended range direct connection to your home internet router and can communicate directly with your local spa retailer for service updates.

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Both ControlMySpa & Remote Spa Control apps are available on app stores.

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The Infinity Edge Difference

Soak in the beauty beyond as the Infinity Collection’s “vanishing edge” opens a world of sunsets, lush landscapes or whatever other wonders are for viewing across our magical, new horizon.

Infinity Collection
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Coast Spas come standard with a commercial-grade filtration system. Other spa brands have skim filtration systems - which submerge the dirty spa filter in the spa water with you. Skim filtrations systems are only approved for use in private settings. Coast Spas' Hydro Cyclonic Filtration uses the same technology as systems used in public pools and hot tubs - the filter is removed from the bathing area and housed in a closed, pressurized canister.

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