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Congratulations on the purchase of your Coast Spas Hot Tub! Coast Spas has been a leader in hot tub, spa and swim spa innovation for 20 years. Our highly refined manufacturing process produces the highest quality products on the market today. Hot tubs are very unique as they are one of the few consumer products that run outside (mostly), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - and all the while being subjected to both the hottest and coldest environments.

This is why ensuring that your hot tub is of the highest quality and regular maintenance is performed is so important to the longevity of your investment. Hot tubs create beautiful moments with your family and friends, provide un-matched relaxation and a host of additional health benefits. They can be easily monitored and maintained with only a small amount of knowledge and effort.

Caring for your hot tub with simple, regular maintenance is the very best thing you can do to keep your spa running flawlessly. Improper water care (water chemistry) is by far the largest contributor to premature spa issues. In a chemically unbalanced environment plastic and rubber components (such as pump o-rings and jets) will be impacted negatively. This can lead to a host of problems that can be time-consuming to repair. This is true for ALL hot tubs and not specific to Coast Spas. If you are an owner of any brand of hot tub, you will want to maintain your hot tub in order to keep the components in great shape.

Below you will find many different resources that will assist you in understanding your hot tub and how to keep it in great condition. Your local Coast Spas dealer will also be able to test and advise you on proper maintenance techniques and requirements. Use our "Dealer Locator" below to find the dealer nearest you.

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Troubleshooting & Service

I need help with my hot tub. What do I do?

Step 1. Download and view your Owner's Manual for your Hot Tub or Swim Spa from the Owner's Manual Page. Ensure that you select the document applicable to your spa, if you are unsure - please check with your retailer.
Step 2. Contact your retailer. The establishment from which you purchased your hot tub is knowledgable and may even be able to assist you to correct the problem over the phone. If any replacement parts are needed, there is a good chance they will have them in stock.
Need help finding your nearest dealer? No problem, simply click on the "dealer locator" button below.
Dealer Locator
Step 3. If you feel that your issue was not resolved with the assistance you have received from your dealership or service centre, you may submit a request for assistance to Coast Spas Manufacturing by clicking here. We are always here to help a Coast Spas hot tub owner, no matter the age of your tub. Note that Coast Spas is the manufacturer and distributes products to independent dealers around the world. If you require assistance, our mandate will be to connect you with your closest dealership or service centre to ensure you are receiving the personalized assistance you are looking for. We reply to all requests in the order in which they were received and response times can vary depending on volume.
Spa Care Guide

Your new hot tub is equipped with a Microban filter cartridge. To ensure maximum water quality at all times, you should replace the filter cartridge every six months, or earlier as necessary. The filter cartridge is designed to be thrown away! Attempts to re-use the filter cartridge may result in the re-release of unwanted particles back into the hot tub


You should replace the hot tub’s water every 3-6 months. The frequency will depend on a number of variables including frequency of use, number of bathers and attention paid to the water quality maintenance. You will know it is time for a change when you can no longer get the normal feel or sparkle to the water, even though the key water balance measurements are all within the recommended ranges.


The pillows can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance. All pillows have plugs within the pillow itself. To remove the pillow, grab the bottom edge firmly and pull outward. This will allow the pillows to pop-out from the receptacle in the spa shell. To re-install the pillow you will align the pillow plug with the receptacle. Press/hit the front side of the pillow firmly, which will insert the plug back into the receptacle.

  • Do not sit on the pillows
  • Do not pull on the pillows
  • Proper water chemistry must be maintained. Failure to do so may damage the spa pillows.
  • Pillows should be cleaned using a soft cloth and mild soap, then wiped with a conditioner. We recommend that pillows be washed each time you drain you spa.

Your Coast spa has a fiberglass reinforced acrylic shell. Generally dirt and stains will not adhere to the surface. To properly clean the surface, we recommend wiping it with a soft damp cloth (or sponge) using household soap or liquid detergent and rinsing thoroughly with fresh water. Stubborn dirt or stains may be removed by using Spic & Span adequately dissolved in water.

  • DO NOT use any cleaning products containing abrasives or solvents, since these could damage the surface. Harsh chemicals should never be used on acrylic surfaces. Damage to the shell due to the use of harsh chemicals is not covered under the warranty.
  • DO NOT leave your hot tub drained and in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Extreme heat could cause damage to the acrylic surface.

Never spray cabinets with a high-pressure garden hose or pressure washer for any reason. This action may induce an electrical short in the hot tub’s electrical equipment.


Our cedar cabinets are made from top quality Western Cedar and manufactured and stained at our factory. With proper care and maintenance, your cedar cabinet should maintain its beauty for many years. Coast Spas recommends touch-up or re-staining of the cabinet every three to four years depending on your environment. Contact your Dealer for re-staining procedures.


Coast Spas’ optional Vinyl cabinets are made of a rigid polymer that combines the durability of plastic with the beauty of real wood. This cabinet is manufactured so that it won’t crack, peel, blister or delaminate even after prolonged exposure to the elements. We recommend wiping the cabinet with a soft damp cloth (or sponge) using household soap or liquid detergent and rinsing with fresh water thoroughly. DO NOT use abrasive cleansers or material as this may damage the surface.


Coast Spas’ optional Slate and Riverstone cabinets are custom-built and painted in our factory. We recommend lightly brushing the cabinet with a SOFT bristle brush to remove any dirt or stains. For more information on the care of your Slate cabinet, please contact your Coast Spas Dealer.


Coast Spas’ exclusive stainless steel cabinets and carbon fiber components are made with the finest materials available. We recommend wiping the cabinet with a soft damp cloth (or sponge) using household soap or liquid detergent and rinsing with fresh water thoroughly. There are also many stainless steel appliance cleaners on the market today that will help in the care and maintenance of the stainless steel cabinet. DO NOT use abrasive cleansers or material as this may damage the surface.


A well cared for spa cover is a thing of beauty in its own right. Be sure to clean and condition your cover at least once a month – more often if needed. Your cover needs to be cleaned and conditioned because vinyl can be dry and become brittle, spoiling your spa’s appearance. Dry, brittle vinyl can also tear at the seams and stress points. Quality materials, internal sewn reinforcing and careful workmanship can only go so far against the ravages of Mother Nature. See the specific Warranty card enclosed with your cover for further details.

  • When you shock your spa you need to remove the cover for a minimum of 30 minutes to ensure that the chemical gas off can escape from the spa.
  • You are required to keep the spa covered at all time when not in use to protect the shell from harmful UV rays.
  • A covered spa will use less electricity when maintaining the desired water temperature.
  • See the manual that comes with the cover for proper mounting of the cover locks
  • The cover should remain locked at all times to prevent unauthorized entry into the spa and potential drowning.
  • Do not Sit, Stand or Lie on your cover. Nor should you place any heavy object on top of the cover as this may damage the structure.

We recommend a vinyl conditioner. Your Coast Spas Dealer carries a wide variety of care and maintenance products. Choose a pleasant day each month to remove your cover from the spa and lay it on a fl at surface accessible by garden hose. Douse the cover with a healthy amount of water from the hose or a bucket to rinse away loose dirt or debris. Using a soft bristle brush and a mild solution of dishwashing liquid (about one teaspoon of detergent to two gallons of water), and with a gentle circular motion, scrub the cover clean. Be careful not to let any areas of the cover dry before they’re thoroughly rinsed. Now apply the vinyl conditioner as directed on the container. Massage the conditioner into the cover in a gentle but firm manner. Before replacing the cover on your spa, wipe and rinse any dirt from the bottom of the cover. When you are ready, put the cover on the spa.


To remove tree sap, use lighter fluid (not charcoal lighter but the fluid used in cigarette lighters). Use sparingly, then immediately apply conditioner to that area.


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